With napkins like these, cocktails at the Algonquin would be well into their eleventh decade.

Wordplaya Productions presents QuipNaps™—spicy banter for intelligent people.

This fabulous new line of cocktail napkins features five exclusive collections

for the holiday season and BEYOND:

- 'Doom-scrolling'—Bleak banter for heart-broken people

- 'Verbal Abuse 3.0'—Spicy banter for intelligent people

- 'Social Anxiety'—Love notes among frenemies

- 'Verbal Abuse 2.0'—Spicy banter for intelligent people

- 'Post-Covid '—Snarky commentary in the Age of Corona

Words are making a comeback, PEE-pul, and QuipNaps are makin' it happen!

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  • Social Anxiety

    Love notes among frenemies. A bit untoward, even mildly vicious, these napkins do the talking while the friendship keeps on walking. White Claw anyone?

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  • Verbal Abuse 3.0

    We call it ab-usage . . . skewering words like an olive in a dirty martini. Cracking the code on these dizzying puzzles and highbrow puns will earn you cred as not only a wordplaya, but a wordSLAYA. Shake yourself a juicy gin martini—dirty going down but smartly intoxicating.

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  • Doom-scrolling

    We are living in downright dystopian times—it’s bona-fide Babel out there. Say out loud what you and everyone else is thinking:  The end of days is near. Recommended: a stiff Negroni . . . or Fernet-Branca, Italy’s truth ultimate serum.

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  • Post-Covid 1.0

    Spicy banter for the Age of Corona. Celebrating the things we love about, well . . . being with other people???? Laphroaig on the rocks, please, with a Jagermeister chaser.

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  • Verbal Abuse 2.0

    Taking license with the pillars of proper syntax to titillate our comrades who lament the grammatical nonchalance of the English-speaking world. Fancy some fizz?

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